• More Revenue – Greater percentage of charges recovered
• Faster Reimbursement – Reduced average days aged A/R
• Resource Reallocation – Enables staff to focus on higher ROI’s

Through legislation such as the Veterans Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 and the VA Mission Act of 2018, veterans have increasing access to private medical care. However, procuring reimbursement for veteran care from governmental payers has historically been a slow, laborious process for the providers. And declining resource have forced healthcare finance professionals to focus their efforts on collecting revenue from claims that offer the highest ROI, leaving many others such as veteran claims to go unrecovered. In January 2016, the Florida Hospital Association identified 30,000 unpaid veteran claims worth $134,000,000 in reimbursement in their state alone with 10,000 of those claims over a year old and almost 6,000 over two years old. It is a trend sweeping across the country.


At Veteran Claims Paid, we specialize in expediting and maximizing veteran care reimbursement for private providers. Through our combined 40+ years healthcare finance experience and knowledge of the complex requirements to effectively procure reimbursement for veteran care, we help our clients achieve both a greater percentage of charges recovered and reductions in days aged A/R than they are able to achieve on their own.