A Complete Solution to Your Veteran Claims Revenue Recovery

Recovering revenue for every type of Veteran related claim

  • VA Medical Center 
  • Veterans Choice 

Performing all functions required to reach claims resolution

  • Billing / Re-Billing
  • Medical Record Submission
  • Denials and Appeals
  • Follow-Up / Adjudication


keys to recovering veteran claims revenue

Proprietary Process

Developed and refined through over 30 years experience effectively procuring Veteran care reimbursement for Private Providers.  Documentation, Claims Batching, Stringent Follow-Up Protocols and Specialized Recovery Staff.  They all combine within our Proprietary Process to maximize the recovered percentage of your Veteran care charges within the shortest time frame possible.  


 More than just 'difficult', the requirements to effectively procure reimbursement for Veteran care are unique.  Veteran claims recovery is not an add-on service or 'door opener', it is our ONLY service.  When you need specific medical care you go to a specialist, not a general physician.  When you need help recovering your VA claims revenue, trust the experts at VCP.  


 With over 40 years of combined experience in healthcare revenue cycle,  including Director roles within providers, VCP leadership understands the challenges private providers encounter when trying to recover Veteran claims revenue.  Having completed numerous Veteran claims A/R turnaround projects, our experience with the unique requirements surrounding VA claims is unmatched in the industry.  


 Having worked with VA offices across the country for many years, we have developed strong relationships with contacts at the Local, Regional and National levels.  Through these relationships we are able to expedite and maximize even the most challenging Veteran claims reimbursement for our clients.  

Reporting and Analysis

 VCP provides our clients with both reporting of their Veteran claims inventory and root-cause analysis, identifying opportunities for improvements within their internal processes.  For example, Registration Departments more accurately identifying patients eligible for Veteran benefits can have a significant impact on days to collection. 

Payment Review & Monitoring

As with any payer, errors can occur in the calculation of charges eligible for VA reimbursement.  Ensuring compliance with the most current rates is crucial to maximizing recovery.  VCP provides our clients with a review of their VA claims reimbursement history, often identifying opportunities to recover underpayments which add directly to their bottom line.